Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everday with my toddler! # 20 - Shaving Cream Fun

Well, I apologize for the crappy pictures but my computer is acting up and I have to post for my phone. For some reason when I post with the Blogger app, my pictures look like they were taken though a screen. I'm going to update this post when my computer is fixed! Let's hope my techie hubby does it fast!

Anyhoozle, today we filled the sand and water table up with shaving cream! I used one whole canister of dollar store shaving cream and we added a few drops of food coloring, red, blue, and green. We swirled them, we mixed them, we went crazy! The smile on her face was HUGE! She kept her ear to ear grin and her giggles going for about an hour as we played! AN HOUR! I don't think she has ever been occupied that long with a single activity!

One of her favorite things was giant claps. "One, two, three, wooooo!!!" It made snow flakes, big and small, rain down on us and the yard, because yes, this was most certainly an outside activity! She also loves to asks about body parts. She points to your facial features, hair, ears, belly, etc.. and asks "what's this?"... Well, today when she did it, momma got a whole bunch of shaving cream up her nose and it kinda burned! The worse part was my hands were so covered in shaving xream, as was my shirt, and I had no towel, I had nothing to wipe my face with, so I just grin and bear it because it was worth it to see my little girls face light up so bright!

I highly highly recommend this and I can't wait to do more shaving cream activities!