Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my Toddler! - Introduction

Hailey and I at the beach, June  2012
I am a stay-at-home-momma (till Fall) while I am getting my certification in K-6 education and my masters degree. Being home everyday can become humdrum. You fall into the same routine and find yourself repeating the same things over and over again. Don't get me wrong, routine is needed. We need routine so Hailey knows whats coming up next and what to expect. But when it comes to playtime, I wanted to shake things up a bit. My husband, Danny, and I came up with the idea to try a new activity with Hailey everyday and I would blog about it. This blog serves as my motivation and holds me accountable to actually finding different and fun activities and trying them out with Hail. Some things she will enjoy and we will repeat often, other things will be an epic fail. We try to keep things fun, engaging and education in our house and we try to be adventurous and try new things! I hope I can keep finding and coming up with new ideas everyday! Wish me luck :)

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