Saturday, July 14, 2012

Outdoor Adventure! Boat Ride!!

Hailey's First Boat Ride 

Today was not a regular day in our household. We had to forgo nap time to do some quick running around and then we had a party to attend. The party was held at Blue Marsh Lake and was just some good old fashion outdoors fun. We love spending time outside and doing outdoorsy type things, so this was perfect for us! Plus, to make this even more awesome, the hosts had a boat and we got to take Hailey on her first boat ride!!! Although she was not a fan of the life jacket at first, she got use to it quick and LOVED the boat ride. She sat in her daddy's lap and when the boat stopped a few times (some tubing was also going on), she got to stand up and seemed so relaxed and at home! She gave the driver a high five and stuck her tongue out at me a few times, lol! What an awesome day! Needless to say, we definitely have a boat on our wish list!

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