Friday, July 20, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 11- Make a musical instrument

Homemade guitar!
Today was a rainy day in our area. We got to spend a little time outside on the patio, but for the most part, we had to find indoor things to do! This activity I have to give her daddy credit for. He made Hailey a guitar put of her cookie sheet (we use it for her letter magnets) and some rubber bands.
We were making dinner, we made galumkis which take forever, and were jamming to some music when Danny got very excited because he had an idea. He pulled her cookie sheet from her shelf and grabbed some rubber bands and showed her how to make it. Then, he taught her how to rock out on her homemade guitar!
I must admit, my hubby is a pretty good dad and he loves to come up with new ideas for Hailey all the time. He just never wants her to get messy! If I come up with a messy activity, he wants no part of it, but in the end he helps me clean her up!
I like to think there is always something fun going on in our house, even if its something simple!

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