Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 9 - Kiddie Pool Fun

This isn't really a new and creative activity, but it is something new and exciting that Hailey has never done... Swim in a kiddie pool!
We have an above ground pool in our yard, so for her two summers we had so far, Hailey spent time swimming in our big pool but yesterday I decided that I wanted her to have a little pool of her own so we didn't want to or couldn't swim, Hailey could enjoy the water.
She helped fill her pool, standing in the middle holding the house. She turned to ask me something and swung the hose around with her body soaking her momma with freezing water! Lol! She had some toys and she jumped and splashed around and had a lot of fun getting in and out. We even did a new thing today and went swimsuitless! She word just a swimmie diaper!
After her swim, she went for her nap and then we got a super thunderstorm so we spent the afternoon cuddling on the couch with a snack and watching the backyardigans! Then we made some dinner and some homemade pickles! Yummy! My Hailey is a pickle head, so I am excited for her to try them tomorrow. They are garlic dill!
I will say that as much fun as she has in our big pool, every kid needs a kiddie pool that they can jump around in and climb in and out of! I think this is something we will keep doing all summer long! 

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