Friday, July 13, 2012

Backyardigan! Ball on the Roof!

We have a slanted patio roof in our backyard and today Danny taught Hailey a new game, throwing her ball on the roof. I am not a big fan of this game, just like I am not a fan of "wall ball" that they play in the house, but I am willing to go along with it because nothing can get broken.
Catching the ball!
How they play the game: Daddy throws the ball on the roof and they run around and guess where it will land. Hailey gets very excited and squeals with anticipation when she hears, "Here it comes!!!". Then the ball lands on the ground and Hailey grabs it and throws it back to Danny or he catches it and throws it to her or back on the roof! 
Smiling while playing! 

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