Friday, July 13, 2012

Mommy DIY: Felt Food - Eggs

Okay, so I made another food. Yes, it was only eggs, but I am working with limited materials! I need to make a craft store run! The eggs were pretty simple. I just cut the egg whites out of white felt and added a yellow circle kind of near the middle. I put a little stuffing under the yolk to make it a little more realistic! Hailey has really been enjoying her new foods and I am excited to make some more for her!
Frying an egg!
What I love about these projects is that they are small and even the busiest mom can get them done in a short amount of time! I don't have to have the sewing background knowledge and I can learn as I go and move on to more complex projects... and yes, I have a very cute doll in mind after I finish some more simple foods!

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