Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my Toddler! - # 3: Spaghetti & Cheerios

Spaghetti & Cheerios

What do dry spaghetti and cheerios have in common? Well, for one, you can bead them. You can put the cheerios on the dry spaghetti kind of like putting beads on a shoestring OR you can break the spaghetti and eat the cheerios!!!
If was something new and fun to try, but I don't think Hailey was quite ready for it! The spaghetti breaks to easily and is too much fun to snap in pieces. Plus, why should she waste a good snack?!?!?
I used my mini bundt pan to hold the spaghetti upright and showed her how to put the cheerios on. We did one or two but then she pulled out the spaghetti and realized she could have more fun making a mess! We might try it again, but not for a couple months at least! 

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