Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to do something new everyday with my toddler! # 13: Glow dance party!

We stayed up past bedtime, turned the music up, cracked some glow sticks, and played with her light up flower wand from the circus! Awesome good time in the yard! We danced, we sang, and we laughed in the dark and it was one of those priceless moments that melt your heart!
We had some glow sticks Hail still had from a party we were at recently and she had her flower from the circus and I thought it would make a fun experience! It was a success and Hailey had a great time. It only lasted about a half hour though, because 930 is a little late for my sleepy little dancing machine!
We listened to Florence and the Machine, Elton John, and Queen and had a goofy time! I danced with her in my arms to A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. That is a special song for is. I use to sing it to her while she was in my belly and when she was a baby. We rock all generations of music in this household!

I think I'm going to pick up some more glow sticks from the dollar stood next time I go out that way. I think she would love to do this every once and awhile and it was definetly a cheap, fun, and easy way to have some fun and make some awesome memories!

Well, my sleepy little girl was just tucked in and I would love to finish this book I started (I'm all about the kindle free books!) and Danny has some school work, so I'm calling it a night!


  1. what a fun idea!

    You can also put glowsticks inside balloons for glow in the dark balloons! (saw it on pinterest!)

    Nice to meet you! found you on bloggymoms!

    1. Thank you! Nice to meet you too. I enjoyed you blog! And yes, I saw the balloon and glow sticks too and I want to try that! Awesome idea!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! Glow stick are AWESOME! My daughter who is 2 loves them as well!!! Following you from Bloggy Moms! Hope you can follow back!

    1. I love how simple glow sticks are and how much Hailey loved them!!!! I think we are definitely going to have a lot more fun with them! I enjoyed your blog as well and look forward to reading it more :)