Saturday, July 28, 2012

Doing the toy shuffle: Accommodating a spoiled girl in a tiny house!

Today I decided to go through Hailey's toys in her playroom/dining room and take some upstairs to her bedroom so we could make room for some of the new toys she recently got. Her play area has been rather cluttered and with the addition of 2 more little people sets, the circus and Noah's ark, as well as a couple little odds and ends, I decided it was time. She plays with EVERYTHING she has, so packing away or consigning is not an option right now. Rather, we move the toys upstairs to her bedroom so she can continue to enjoy them! 
Our house is rather small. It is a two bedroom home that is less than 1000sft, so we need to conserve all the space we have. It was our starter home and when we bought it, we really didn't think of what it would be like having a spoiled little girl! When Hailey was born, we had the perfect little nursery for her. Then as she started to get play mats and other toys, we decided she needed a space to play other than her room. Her bedroom is kind of small, so we knew all her toys wouldn't fit in there. Plus we wanted to keep her room a place to sleep, not play. My solution to this predicament was my dining room. It had the most unused space in the house with only a table and hutch. We bought her a foam playmat so she wasn't on the hardwood floors and it grew from there. Currently we have 2 cubby shelves and toys growing around them! We are really careful what we buy Hailey, but she is growing an learning and I want her to have the toys to do it... and yes, everyone loves to spoil her, including me! 
Her room is starting to outgrow the toys we had to put up there. Her sleeping schedule is perfect and she doesn't view her room as a playroom, so we are fine keeping toys in there. We play in her room everyday as a change of scenery when we get bored with downstairs or outside. While I am thankful for having a roof over my head and safe place for my daughter to grow up, I can't help but hope and pray that we can move in the near future. The idea of Christmas and her birthday, which is in January, scare me because she has greatgrandparents, grandparents, and parents who love to spoil her rotten! For now, we will keep rotating toys and when she stops playing with them, we love to consign! I guess the kitchen set and market place will have to wait, or I will have to say goodbye to my hutch and table! 
Recycling plastic  fruit jars for storage. We also use them to hold her ABC magnets and other small toys. 

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