Friday, July 27, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 18 - Feeding the Ducks

Feeding the Ducks!!! (Illegal Activity... Oops!)

So today I had the BRILLIANT plan to take Hailey to the small lake near our house to feed the ducks! I was making ruebens for lunch and I had a bread end left over... what a better way to spend our evening than feeding some duckies some bread (how I had 1 random end, I do not know! I thought they cut those loaves so it was enough for 2 per sandwich...) 

Any hoozle, We went down to the park and walked along the lake and found a nice spot with some ducks and started feeding them! Then the geese came and scared the bejeezy out of me and so we found a new spot! Yes, I am petrified of birds, geese especially! One hissed and I grabbed Hailey and we made a break for it! I think Hailey had a great time, although she didn't understand the concept of throwing the bread. She is use to feeding treats to our dogs but handing it to them but she had to throw it to the ducks... rather than do that, she just ate it! (We fished a few ends from some bread we had in the fridge so everyone had enough to eat, including Hailey! LOL)
So I bet your wondering why it was illegal, well as we were leaving we spotted a sign on the rec building that said "Do not feed the ducks". I personally think they should have the sign near the lake... but thats okay. My daughter was my partner in crime and it was fun! 

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