Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 15- Paintbrush Painting

Paintbrush Painting

We started with painting glue on paper to make our collage and Hailey was having so much fun that we went right into painting a picture!

We used a splat of green and a splat of purple on a new piece of paper and Hailey painted away with the paintbrush! She even let me have a go at it and I wrote her name. She liked that so much that she was painting over it trying to say the letters like I did! After she finished her picture, she decided that the paint brush felt cool. She then proceeded to paint herself a beard and mustache (I called her Gustave the Painter!) and then she came over and painted a beard for me! I don't mind though, it was so harmless, messy, and super fun!

After we painted, we headed upstairs to jump right in the bath tub! It wasn't that she was too messy to get a wipe down with a wash cloth, I just figured since she was getting a bath tonight anyways, I would just do it a little early. The paint washes off so easily and the mess was a cinch to wipe up off her table, I think we will try to paint more often! I tried it once or twice when she was younger and she wasn't really into it, but even in just a couple months her interests have changed. I like to think I'm a little crafty and creative, so I hope she gets a love of this sort of thing and it stays with her! I am all about the arts and crafts! My husband tells her that is why I am such a great mommy, because I am willing to get messy with her!

Our finished work of art! 


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