Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One and a half years old!

Today Hailey is officially a year and a half! Oh boy, does time fly when your having fun! I can honestly say that being a mom has made my life a million times better. I mean don't get me wrong, I loved my life pre-Hailey. I was married to a wonderful man and we had two great dogs, but adding a daughter to the mix made it just so much better!
Well, anyways, to celebrate a year and a half of being our baby, we went to the Oley Turnpike Dairy. If your from the Reading, Pa area, I suggest you go if you never been. Homemade icecream, a huge play yard with playhouses, slides, and one of those wooden pirate ships. Plus, they have a petting zoo with lots of goats, wallabys, donkeys, a horse, etc... Hailey loves it! She had her own come of raspberry cheesecake ice cream, I had espresso, and her daddy her chocolate raspberry. Mmm!!!
Then we went to toys r us and bought a kiddie pool for her because sometimes we can't always go in our above ground and on hot days we wanted her to have a little pool she could just enjoy on her own (with us right there to supervise of course) and she got a new blue ball that lights up when u shake or bounce it! She loves it! One of her first words were "its a ball!!" :)
It's the little occasions like this that make life special! Happy half birthday baby, mommy loves you!
She's hard to spot, but she's enjoying the slide!

Petting a donkey!

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