Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 17 - Library Visit

Library Visit

This was not Hailey's first time at the library. Being an education major, I have spent lots of time in the library and have taken Hailey there with me. She even has her own library card already (even though the only reason she got her own was to take advantage of the $5 tickets to the Please Touch Museum... but still... she has one!)

Today's visit, however, was a little different. Today we went for no reason at all, just to read some books and have fun! We were going to try mini-golfing, but as we left the house, we noticed how dark the sky was getting. That left no outdoor options, which was our original plan. I had the great idea to visit the library.

While there we read some books and checked out the cool space ship playhouse they had set up. She kept crawling in and out of it so fast though, I couldn't get a picture! It was just one of those tent things (Hailey has a princess one here that we use to read in sometimes). Any-hoozle, we picked out some books and read a few. Her favorite was the board book about the animals. We are really into animal sounds right now, so she enjoyed that the most!

We love the library. The libraries in our area have been having trouble with funding, in fact, our city library system almost had to close some branches because of funding issues. This is a real tragedy because a lot of children depend on the library for research projects, computer use, and just a safe place to hang out. I grew up in the city of Reading, so I was particularly upset about this because, lets face it, I AM A BOOK NERD!!! The libraries in the suburban areas have been lucky enough to have their "Friends of the library" helping them raise funds to stay open 6-7 days a week.

But enough about the plight of our libraries, this blog is about the one and only Hailey! My little book nerd, just like her mommy and her mimi! We are three generations of nerdness and we are proud! (Her daddy is a different kind of nerd. Space/gamer/math nerd!) We had a great time reading some books but got caught in some crazy storm on the way home!

If I can give a little PSA, I would like to say that you should take your little ones to the library as soon as possible. Give them a love of books and reading at a young age! It is important that they learn to take care of books and enjoy that early so they can survive all the reading they will be doing all through their many years of school!

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