Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my Toddler! - # 1: Carwash

Working at the Carwash....
Which sponge should she choose??
Today Hailey got to help wash her daddy's car! She had her own bucket and sponge, although she decided she rather use her hands when it came down to it! We had fun playing with the hose and daddy put the soapy sponge on her head, but in the end, she was not really interested in using the sponge on the car. It took her a little while to trust the sponge with all it's white suds... but then her daddy showed her it could be fun!
Dunking the sponge in the soapy bucket!
"I'll let daddy use the sponge, I like using my hands a lot better!"

Sponge bonk to the head!
Helping to hose the car off! 
In the end, I think this is something she will enjoy more when she is a little older, maybe even just a few more months. She loves to be a big helpers, but the sponge and suds weren't her thing. After the car was washed, she spent time in her water table and daddy turned on the garden sprinkler and she had fun splashing in that. She never seemed to be a fan on her gecko sprinkler (but she does LOVE the pool), so either the carwash made her change her mind about playing in the water or the garden sprinkler is much more fun!

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