Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my Toddler! - # 6: Pom Pom Push

Pom Pom Push

We started with a handful of pom poms from the craft store and Hailey and I each had a straw! 
Our materials
Then we took the straws and blew the pom poms all over the floor! It worked nice because we have hardwood floors and the pom poms moved so easily, but it also made them go everywhere fast!
Hailey blowing through the straw
We had fun with it for a couple big huffs and puffs, but then we just had fun playing with the pom poms, which still made it worth it for me! I love to watch Hailey explore new materials and engage herself in new activities without the need for instructions or having to conform to a certain way of doing things.
Exploring the pom poms
I know this blog is about trying new activities but I feel that moments like this are more valuable. Times when she can think for herself and come up with her own ways to play and do things. We try to do a lot of that at home... engage in imaginary play. I know that imagination is just going to keep growing the older she gets and I am really excited to see what new and inventive things she can come up with!
Just having some fun!
Have any of your children picked up a toy or other material and decided on a new and creative way of playing with it that you least expected? I am always looking for new things that Hailey can play with an explore, and I know that at her age, her attention span in limited so I love ideas! Even if they are ones to put in the vault until she is a little older!

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