Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scary Mommy Moment! - First Bee Sting

Yesterday we were at my moms house playing in her backyard. We were hanging out near the garage and all of a sudden Hailey started screaming and I didn't know what was wrong. I checked her all over and nothing was there. It was near her nap time and I thought she was just cranky because she wanted me. So I am holding her on the swing and she keeps crying and licking her top lip, upon closer inspection I see a tiny hole --- she was stung!!! Within a few minutes from the sting, her lip puffed up and when I saw puffed up, I mean it was HUGE! Well, I am having a panic attack because I never saw a sting get to swollen so fast and she has bee allergies on her dads side of the family! My mom ran and got her a freeze pop to help keep it iced and I called the doctor. My doctor has a voicemail and you leave a message and they call you back within the hour... talk about the longest 30 minutes of my life! There was nothing they could do for her but wait till the swelling went down. They said within 24 hours, but it was down before she went to bed... Thank Goodness!!! Hailey had lots of freeze pops yesterday and got to go to the toy store to pick out something fun because of her traumatic experience! My mom is full of guilt because it happened at her house, but me, well I am just relieved that she didn't have an allergy, although the doctor did say the first sting usually doesn't show any allergy symptoms, watch out for the second --- YIKES! Let's just hope there is NOT a second!

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