Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tot Spot: New idea # 26 - Rolling balls down a Ramp

Rolling Balls Down A Simple Ramp!!! 

I wanted to build a ramp for Hailey to roll balls down. Since it is summer, I have been trying to keep our activities outside. I figure we are going to be spending enough time indoors once winter comes, so I thought I would keep things outside as much as possible!

I used the cushion from our patio couch and put it on a slant off of our small deck. We collected all the balls that Hailey owns, and awesomely they are all different sized and shapes! We have a super large one, a super small one, a pointy one, and knobby ones among others. Anyhizzle, we collected them all in a wash basket and put them on the deck with Hailey and her daddy while I sat at the bottom playing photographer and ball catcher. 

HUGE HIT!!! Hailey loved it! She rolled them all down and then I rolled them all back up. We played this game for about an hour! Then when she was done, I took the cushion off so she could step down, and we bounced on it like a trampoline for another half hour!!!

We had so much fun with this! Also, I should note that we used a piece on 2x4 under the cushion to help stabilize it (my hubby's contribution) 

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