Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! #23- Train Ride in the Woods

Today we were invited to go to RSME's open house and train ride in the woods by Hailey's great grandparents. Its the Reading Society of Model Engineers, so the trains are on a smaller scale. We all rode a larger diesel engine and a smaller steam engine. The cool thing about this is that its something they took me to do when I will little. I love taking Hailey to do things that I once did, even if I don't really remember them.! It's a special bonding thing, at least in my opinion!

I think she really enjoyed the relaxing ride with the cool breeze and a scenic view. I'm hoping for Christmas we can check out a bigger train at the Straustown train ride with Santa! Train rides are fun at any age and I think we will do it every year!

After that, we went down the road to the Italian Food Festival at the St Marco Society and yummed it up! Italian paninis, stuffed olives, and Hailey had some homemade pizza! She then danced the night away with Mommom Carole. Hailey loves loves loves to dance, so despite missing her nap, she had a second wind and had a blast! A power nap on the way home, a water balloon fight in the yard, a surprise visit from mimi and mommom Josie, and blowing bubbles made this one memorable night!

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