Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tot Spot: New activity # 33 - Walking the stream & Skipping stones

Walking the trail

Skipping Stones
 Danny, Hailey, I decided to venture down to a stream where Danny grew up and I spent a couple picnics at durning our childhoods. Danny's family owned a bungelo and before we even knew each other, our families would get together for picnics and such in the summer. My parents were friends with his uncle, so without even knowing it, we were linked together as children! Anyhoo, we took Hailey to the river and stream down there and we went for a nature walk... nothing new there... BUT we walked the stream, gathered some rocks for painting (hopefully tomorrow) and Danny taught Hailey (and me) how to skip stones! AWESOME! Danny is like the stone skipping master! Anyways, Hailey had so much fun looking through the rocks and picking some out to collect and some to throw in the river. She was a little mud ball when we were done, but it was well worth it! She is in the bathtub now, Daddy is washing her up while I blog, so I better finish this up so I can join in the fun! We like to splash and play water games at bath time! I highly recommend you take advantage of the cool nights and muddy places with your little ones! These are the moments to savor!
Hailey skipping stones! 
Picking out our favorites rocks!

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