Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tot Spot: New activity # 34 - Nature Painting

Nature Painting
Getting ready

On our last nature walk, we collected different kinds of rocks from the stream. We also had some flowers at home and leaves so we decided to paint them! Hailey donned her new apron her Mimi bought her and we got to work with our new paint brushes! This is the first time we painted outside, well kind of, we painted her salt dough handprints outside. Anyhoo, I used a trash bag to cover my patio coffee table and some tape to secure it. Then I put 3 different color paints (red, yellow, and blue) in cupcake liners and gave Hailey two different kinds of paintbrushes. We use two because sometimes her daddy and I help paint with her. The cupcake liners weren't so successful. She just wanted to crumble them up. I think I am going to pick up the no-spill paint containers at ACMoore for her along with some tempera paints because we are almost out. Last time we used a paper plate as her palate, but she wanted to just paint the plate, lol.
Using flowers as brushes

Finished product! 
Well, to cut to the chase, she enjoyed painting the rocks and she used the flowers as paintbrushes on the rocks and on the bag I had down. We put the rocks in our garden, even though the paint is going to wash off in the rain. I figured we could just repaint them one day if we are looking for something to do. All these activities are a learning experience and I am learning new things to do and new things I need to buy! Toddlers are expensive, lol!

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