Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Space Saving Idea

I used the space behind her chair. 
As you might have seen, space is something we are having trouble coming by in our little house. I saw this great idea on pinterest and I gave it a go today and I love it! I took 2 cup hooks, one in the ceiling and one in the floor of a corner of Hail's room. I tied a piece of clothes line tight between the two and then used large clothes pins I got from the dollar store to hand her stuffed animals. She has so many animals, and yes she plays with them, but not often enough that I have the room to spare. Some will stay out in her basket, ones I know she plays with a lot or if they sing (she has a lot of the hallmark special singing animals) or if they go with a story.. but I loved this idea to keep the other ones off the floor but available to her if she would like to play with them!

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