Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tot Spot: New activity # 35 - Mini Golf

Mini Golfing!!!

Tonight we went on a family date to the local putt putt course! Hailey got to play mini golf for the first time! She had her own special little club and a pink ball and she went around 19 holes with her daddy and I. It was a lot of fun and definitely an experience. She started out really fascinated with the balls. We would hit one and she would squeal with delight and chase it and throw it in the hole or just down the green. Her daddy tried to show her how to hit the ball with the club, but there was more fun to be had that that! The golf course we went to is actually 29 holes, but we only did the half because her attention span was not that long... which we expected. We were lucky that we didn't have to wait behind anyone or hold anyone up. She had fun exploring the course, she loves the hills and the cave. I think we will try it again in a a couple months and she how she does! The best part of the whole experience though was when she was eating dinner in the cafe and I said, "We are going to play putt putt golf" and she replied, "tap tap tap". I think she was watching Happy Gilmore, one of my favorite movies!!! She was going to "Tap it in..." LOL!!! Definitely a fun night and a great way to spend time with my family before all the hectic school stuff really kicks in!

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