Friday, August 17, 2012

Tot Spot: New activity #32 - Washing windows

 This is the way we wash the windows, wash the windows, wash the windows. This is the way we wash the windows, till we get them clean!

Its funny how the other day I blogged about giving toddlers some chores to do and today had her help me wash some windows. Well, I didn't really have to ask... she was up all for volunteering! We have a big glass "screen" door and my dog was looking out the window and she got some of her nose art on it, so I wanted to clean it up. Hailey happily took some paper towels and cleaned the bottom while I cleaned the top on both inside and outside! Then she wanted to help with the windows, so even they got cleaned! What a BIG helper!! I am so proud of my little girl for wanting to help out. I really hope this stays with her as she gets older, I certainly wasn't like that when I was young. Most days I just hope to win the lottery so I can hire a maid! I am lucky though, I have a husband who splits the chores with me! He treats me too good! Anyhoo, this is about Hailey, my helper bean! I think tomorrow we will clean the back door, which is also glass (we would have done it today, but I had an appt I had to go to) and then maybe we will make a mess! I am thinking potato painting! Well, enough with that, good night all you awesome mommas out there! Daddy's too! :)
Can I clean more, momma??

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