Friday, August 17, 2012

Tot Spot: New activity # 31 - Baseball Game!

Arriving at the stadium

Hanging out with Quacks, one of the mascots
Learning about Maris, one of our favorite players of all time
Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the park.... Hailey, her daddy, and I all hit the local ballpark for some good ole family fun! Our local team had fireworks last night and we had some tickets for a home game, so we decided to venture out to the ball park! We had a blast! Hailey had some chicken fingers and french fries (we shared a platter, since she ate her dinner at home before we went) and her favorite part of that was the "dippy fries" which is what we call something that can be dipped in ketchup or in this case, honey mustard! She kept the same fry for a long time, just redipping it, lol. It kinda grossed me out because I am a double dipping no-no person, but she is just a little girl, the love of my life, so I dealt with it! Anyhoo... she did really good considering the game took FOOOOOREVER!!! Our home team was losing, but they made a brilliant come back. Normally, it is the kind of game that baseball fanatic Danny and I would love to watch BUT with a toddler, it was kind of hard! We sat in the same seats for awhile, probably till about the 5th inning then we walked around the stadium, got a snow cone, and relaxed in the food court area before going back and finishing off the game (which when we came back, we had better seats!) Before Danny and I had Hailey, we always talked about how great it would be to take our kid to sports (especially baseball games) so this activity was something we have been waiting to do for a very long time! To us, this is what summer is about! A good game, a beer, and a hotdog (although this time it was water andchicken fingers!!!) Hoping to make one more game this summer before the season ends, then its hockey time at our local arena! I don't know if Hailey will be able to sit through that, but heres hoping!
Getting a lift from daddy while walking to the car
Giving Rollins a high five! 

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