Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Reading Fair

Tonight we went to the Reading Fair. It is our local week long fair that hosts race cars, tractor pulls, farm competitions, food, games, rides, and so much more! Danny and I haven't been there for years. It was never worth the admission fee just to walk around and eat some food and play some games... but with a little kiddo, we decided this was a PERFECT activity and it was!

Hailey had a BLAST! She ate a hot dog (one of her new favorites words!), got a smoothie, rode a pony and got a cowboy hat (which she loves!) and we took a family photo with it, she also RODE HER FIRST RIDES!!! We went on the flying dogs with me and the train ride. She also played a pick the duck game and she picked a snake for her prize. She had the choice between the snake, a monkey, or a frog and she went with the Shhh....snake! We saw the MOOOO cows, which she enjoyed moooing at. We saw the baa baa sheep and got to pet one. She saw goats and rabbits too!

What an amazing time as a mom! Her smile never left her face, so of course I was beaming too! I think we might have to make a trip back tomorrow because our evening was interrupted by a huge and very bad storm!

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