Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rainy Day Toddler Activities

We love rainy days! Before we had Hailey, Danny and I would spend rainy days just relaxing with our dogs on the couch. We would play board games, video games, watch tv... just be lazy with a darkened room! Well, now that Hailey is in her early toddler years, we know that isn't going to happen! She isn't old enough to enjoy snuggling on the couch watching a movie and she can't play board games... so here are so things we have come up with to make rainy days fun!

1. Jump in the puddles - When the rain stops, we like to go outside and jump in the puddles! We go out in bear piggies and jump and splash! Hailey loves to just hop around on dry land, so puddles make it extra fun!

2. Make a fort - Extra sheets thrown over furniture, secured with close pins or chip clips. A great place to read together as a family. We use pillows and cushions on the floor and cuddle up with a pile of books!

3. Read Read Read - Even without a fort, we do lots of reading in our house! We read everyday, but a rainy day means more books for some reason! Hailey and I are little bookworms and there is nothing like her sitting on my lap and reading to each other!

4. Bake some cookies - Something about a stormy day makes me want to bake cookies! Although I am not a big cookie eater, Hailey and her daddy love them! I sit Hailey on the counter next to me and she helps pour and mix the ingredients! It helps take the rainy dampness feeling out the house as it fills it with the delicious smell of cookies!

5. Dance Party - We love to throw a dance party, and a rainy day is the perfect excuse to crank up the music and dance! It takes the dreary away and we have so much fun! Hailey loves to dance, so rain rain  go away...we can dance any way!

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