Friday, August 10, 2012

18 Month Doctor Visit

Paging Dr. Hailey
Reading a book while she waited
Today we had our 18 month doctor visit. Hailey is doing remarkable! She is 22.6 lb which puts her in the 75%ile and 31 1/2 inches which is the 50%ile! She also got 2 vaccines today, which she was not too happy about. Today I remembered to bring the m&ms with, so after her shots she got some chocolate! The endorphines in the chocolate help with the calming effect so it was an easier situation that normal this time! Our biggest hurdle was that today of all days, little miss decided not to nap! I think that made it a little rough, but not too bad. We went to our favorite diner after her appointment and Danny won her a littlest pet shop iguana "iggy" from the toy crane machine. AWESOME!

Aside from the typical height and weight being great, the doctor confirmed that Hailey is way ahead in her speech development and she can jump, well hop, off both feet and that is a super achievement because it is a 2+ skill!
Enjoying the diner!

The doctor also said she is probably right brained because she seems very musical. She loves to sing and dance and because a lot of her words and phrases come from songs, it is a good indication! That makes momma very happy! I am right brained, daddy is left brained (he is a super math guy... he counts for a living!) It makes me excited to think of her in school plays and loving broadway like me, well I didn't do the school plays... but I love to watch them! :) Do you think that how your child is now is a good indication of who they will be when they grow up? I like to think Hailey will always be a little singing star, but even if she's not, I just hope she stays happy, healthy, and lives life to the fullest!

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