Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tot Spot: New Idea # 25 - Bath Crayons!

So... Toys R Us had Bogo crayola products. We got another box of paints and bath crayons!
We tried the bath crayons last night and she loved them. I drew a heart and a smiley face to show her what they were and she colored with me. We wrote our abcs along the edge of the tub and drew lots of pictures!

They reminded me of lipstick with their smell and texture, which had me a little nervous that we would use them all up right away, but we didn't!

I gave her two out of the pack and they still have plenty of life left in them, plus the ones we didn't use.

They are the crayola twistables. (And no, crayola isn't paying me or giving me anything free, I just liked them and thought I would share. But of you want me to test your products, crayola, I would be more than happy too!)

They were something fun and different and cleaned up easy! Just be sure to clean them up right away because some of it is still there because we did not get it washed off all the way and it wouldn't come up right tonight with just water.

We will most certainly be having loads of fun with them!


  1. I so want to try these! We did the homemade shaving cream paint last week and min weren't very into

    1. We did them again tonight and she still had fun. I think 2 nights in a row is a new record for her! She usually doesn't like the same thing twice like that. I want to do the shaving cream painting next week I think. She loved getting messy with it in her water table out back, so I'm hoping she will like it in the tub!