Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tot Spot: New Activity # 30 - Build a Fort

Our fort!
Today we woke up to a stormy morning. The house had that stormy darkness that made you just want to curl up in a blanket with a good book... well instead of doing that (because, hey, who can really do that with a toddler...) we decided to take a blanket and read under it in another way!

We took a sheet, some large clothes pins, and near by furniture and created a fort over Hailey's play space! Then I gave her a flash light so we could play and read some books! Hailey loved it! It was such a different experience playing under a roof. The only hard part was that our dining room/play space doesn't offer much light, so the blanket blocked most of it and with it being a dark and rainy day, the flashlights we definitely needed! She loved coming in and out of it and letting it hit her on the head a little as she walked (maybe it made her feel tall!)

What a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon and such easy building and take down! Luckily the skies cleared and we got to spend some of our evening outside in the yard, so we did get a change of scenery!

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