Monday, August 13, 2012

Tot Spot: New activity #29 - Colored Water Chemistry

- Water
- Food Coloring
- Various Sized Containers

We took a bunch of clear containers and filled them with different amounts of colored water. Hailey poured the water from one container to another, making new colors and super messes (definitely an outdoor activity). This was another activity she LOVED! We played with these cups for at least 2 hours. We refilled the containers quite a few times because all the water ended up getting poured out, but the point of this activity was to practice our pouring skills, so we knew it was going to be a mess! Her daddy calls her a little chemist because she loves to pour water back and forth, so I knew this activity would be something she would super enjoy. I think the only reason she stopped when she did is because she heard our neighbor let her dog out and she wanted to say hi. We also put some color in her water table, so she played with that a little too. So much fun on a beautiful day! I am definitely going to be looking for some different sized containers to repeat this activity! She did best with the measuring cup with the handle, so I hope I can find some different sized handle plastic cups! I LOVE playing with the simple things in life, like pouring water in a cup! Such a great and fun learning opportunity in so many ways such as seeing new colors being made and being able to pour from different sized cups!

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