Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everday with my toddler! # 24- Sponge Painting

So, this is a catch up blog from the other day. My computer is still in disrepair but the app is working (aside from the bad picture quality).

The other day we did sponge painting!

I got different shaped sponges at the dollar store. One pack was an outdoor set, suns, trees, clouds, etc. The other was a princess set with a castle, crown, etc..

Anyhoozle, we picked three sponges and I squirted some finger paints on the paper because she prefers that as opposed to dipping. I showed her how to imprint the sponge and how to paint with it, moving the paint around the paper. We did this for awhile then fingerpainted a little too!

She also rocked her new apron we got at the dollar store at the beginning of summer and hadn't used yet.

Hailey has a lot of fun painting! We are going to try to find as many painting activities as we can, because it is one of her favorites!

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