Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Craft: Snowflakes!


- Heavy painting paper
- Masking tape or painters tape
- Blue Puffy Paint (see instructions below- Super Simple!!)
- Paint brush

Puffy Paint:
You just need: 
- White Shaving Cream (the cheap dollar store stuff)
- Washable paint color of you choice
Just mix shaving cream with the washable paint of your choice. Do not mix too much or the shaving cream things out too much. The color of the puffy paint depends on the amount of paint you used. I like to keep a little swirl in mine to add the effect of light and dark in my color. 

- Use the masking tape or painters tape to make snowflakes of different sizes on the paper. It is going to have to peel off, so scotch tape won't work. It sticks to well.
- Mix your puffy paint and have Toddler paint the entire paper (and themselves if they are like my Hailey!)
- Once it is mostly dry (I don't let it dry all the way... but I don't want it to wet either) I peel the tape off very carefully. 
- Then hang and enjoy the beautiful snowflakes your child has created! 

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