Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

This year we decided to take Hailey out to celebrate the New Year! We didn't want to go someone where big kids would rule and Hailey wouldn't have fun and we knew we couldn't stay out late so we went to a place we knew Hailey would have fun and where we going be on our way home for bedtime
Sesame Place seemed like the best choice. Honestly, we wanted to do Adventure Aquarium's New Years Eve Splash, but tickets were sold out when I went to buy them. We went to Sesame Place for their Very Furry Christmas and it was buy one day get a second day free. December 31st was the last day to use them, so we decided to brave the cold and head out there! BEST IDEA EVER! 
Hailey had a blast! She met some of her favorite characters and had a great day out just having fun. The first time we went, we tried to go on the rides and waited forever in line. This time, we focused on getting pictures with the characters. At 6:00 we watched the parade down Sesame Street and then the fireworks went off! 
We are definitely very family-oriented in everything we do. It isn't very often that we do something without Hailey. Well, we did go to a movie on Sunday, which was nice! We went to see the Hobbit, so it was a loooong movie too! She had a Mimi play date though, and it was something she was looking forward to as well! 
I think this is starting a tradition of doing something every year on NYE together as a family. Sometimes I feel a little adult-time deprived, but Hailey will only be this age once and I want to make sure we make the most of every day with her, especially a holiday or special occasion! 

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