Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 21 - Monster Bean Bag Toss

Monster Bean Bag Toss!
So in my free time I have been making bean bags put of spare felt I had saved. I hand sewn them and used mixed beans inside.
Today my husband and I completed the project by making a monster to toss the bean bags in! What a success!
I started with a diaper box and cut out a huge mouth to toss the bean bags in. Then I cut an opening on the side in case she didn't want to reach in the mouth. We also reversed the box so the print was on the inside, but then decided to cover the whole thing in construction paper, so that was a waste of time. Plus, now the inside looks like the monster ate a baby and my husband thinks that's hilarious.
So we cut out the mouth and side hole, covered it in construction paper, glued on eyes we made out of construction paper, some crazy hair out of construction paper and pop cleaners, and gave him a pom pom nose! Too cute!
We had a late night tonight again because of getting my computer fixed, which is a whole irritating story in itself (still using the Blogger app, still crappy pictures), so we did not have a long time to play with him... But it was a hit for the little bit of time we had! She loved feeding her monster and I think we are going to have a lot more fun with this in the days to come! It didn't take long to make and it was cheap too! I didn't have to buy anything special for it, just used what I had in my house!
I love home made fun and I love that being a mom has given me the chance to be extra crafty and creative!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everday with my toddler! # 20 - Shaving Cream Fun

Well, I apologize for the crappy pictures but my computer is acting up and I have to post for my phone. For some reason when I post with the Blogger app, my pictures look like they were taken though a screen. I'm going to update this post when my computer is fixed! Let's hope my techie hubby does it fast!

Anyhoozle, today we filled the sand and water table up with shaving cream! I used one whole canister of dollar store shaving cream and we added a few drops of food coloring, red, blue, and green. We swirled them, we mixed them, we went crazy! The smile on her face was HUGE! She kept her ear to ear grin and her giggles going for about an hour as we played! AN HOUR! I don't think she has ever been occupied that long with a single activity!

One of her favorite things was giant claps. "One, two, three, wooooo!!!" It made snow flakes, big and small, rain down on us and the yard, because yes, this was most certainly an outside activity! She also loves to asks about body parts. She points to your facial features, hair, ears, belly, etc.. and asks "what's this?"... Well, today when she did it, momma got a whole bunch of shaving cream up her nose and it kinda burned! The worse part was my hands were so covered in shaving xream, as was my shirt, and I had no towel, I had nothing to wipe my face with, so I just grin and bear it because it was worth it to see my little girls face light up so bright!

I highly highly recommend this and I can't wait to do more shaving cream activities!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler. # 19 - Salt Dough Impressions

Salt Dough Impressions

We were suppose to go to a baseball game today, but some storms came our way so we ended up having to stay home. I decided to try a Salt Dough Recipe and have Hailey paint a "stone" and make her handprints in them.

To start off, I made the salt dough using the recipe below. I started with 1/2 cup flour, but had to add a little more to make it the correct consistency. I formed the dough into a circle stone shape. I made two batched so I could make 2 stones. Look for the recipe I used at the end of this post!

Then I put paint into dixie cups for Hailey. We used yellow, red, and blue. I put the dough on paper plates and gave Hailey a paintbrush and showed her how to dip it into the cups and put it on my dough. She did really well, but liked it much better when I poured some paint onto the pieces and she could spread it around. I learned this after watching her try to put the paint cups on the stone. That is probably because when we paint on paper, I put the paint directly onto the paper rather than using cups. No biggy though, it still made a beautiful work of art!!

Then After Hailey was done painting, we made impressions in each dough stone with her hand. I cleaned her up and popped them in the oven at 200 degrees and set the timer for 3 hours. They are still in the oven now and I am excited to see them finished. I am going to pick up some sealant spray at the craft store tomorrow to help lock in paint!

We used washable paints because I didn't want Hailey stained with acrylic. Maybe if she was a little older I would have used a more permanent paint, but at one and a half, I decided washable was best!

We had a lot of fun making these! I think they are going to make a great Christmas gift (we are going to try salt dough ornaments closer to the holidays)!

Salt Dough Recipe:
1/2 - 3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/4 cup water

Mix all ingredients together. Knead until firm and smooth.
You can use cookie cutters or shape in however you want to.
Paint or make impressions.

Let air dry for several days or Bake at 200 degrees for about 3 hours.
Seal with polyurethane spray to keep protected.

Doing the toy shuffle: Accommodating a spoiled girl in a tiny house!

Today I decided to go through Hailey's toys in her playroom/dining room and take some upstairs to her bedroom so we could make room for some of the new toys she recently got. Her play area has been rather cluttered and with the addition of 2 more little people sets, the circus and Noah's ark, as well as a couple little odds and ends, I decided it was time. She plays with EVERYTHING she has, so packing away or consigning is not an option right now. Rather, we move the toys upstairs to her bedroom so she can continue to enjoy them! 
Our house is rather small. It is a two bedroom home that is less than 1000sft, so we need to conserve all the space we have. It was our starter home and when we bought it, we really didn't think of what it would be like having a spoiled little girl! When Hailey was born, we had the perfect little nursery for her. Then as she started to get play mats and other toys, we decided she needed a space to play other than her room. Her bedroom is kind of small, so we knew all her toys wouldn't fit in there. Plus we wanted to keep her room a place to sleep, not play. My solution to this predicament was my dining room. It had the most unused space in the house with only a table and hutch. We bought her a foam playmat so she wasn't on the hardwood floors and it grew from there. Currently we have 2 cubby shelves and toys growing around them! We are really careful what we buy Hailey, but she is growing an learning and I want her to have the toys to do it... and yes, everyone loves to spoil her, including me! 
Her room is starting to outgrow the toys we had to put up there. Her sleeping schedule is perfect and she doesn't view her room as a playroom, so we are fine keeping toys in there. We play in her room everyday as a change of scenery when we get bored with downstairs or outside. While I am thankful for having a roof over my head and safe place for my daughter to grow up, I can't help but hope and pray that we can move in the near future. The idea of Christmas and her birthday, which is in January, scare me because she has greatgrandparents, grandparents, and parents who love to spoil her rotten! For now, we will keep rotating toys and when she stops playing with them, we love to consign! I guess the kitchen set and market place will have to wait, or I will have to say goodbye to my hutch and table! 
Recycling plastic  fruit jars for storage. We also use them to hold her ABC magnets and other small toys. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 18 - Feeding the Ducks

Feeding the Ducks!!! (Illegal Activity... Oops!)

So today I had the BRILLIANT plan to take Hailey to the small lake near our house to feed the ducks! I was making ruebens for lunch and I had a bread end left over... what a better way to spend our evening than feeding some duckies some bread (how I had 1 random end, I do not know! I thought they cut those loaves so it was enough for 2 per sandwich...) 

Any hoozle, We went down to the park and walked along the lake and found a nice spot with some ducks and started feeding them! Then the geese came and scared the bejeezy out of me and so we found a new spot! Yes, I am petrified of birds, geese especially! One hissed and I grabbed Hailey and we made a break for it! I think Hailey had a great time, although she didn't understand the concept of throwing the bread. She is use to feeding treats to our dogs but handing it to them but she had to throw it to the ducks... rather than do that, she just ate it! (We fished a few ends from some bread we had in the fridge so everyone had enough to eat, including Hailey! LOL)
So I bet your wondering why it was illegal, well as we were leaving we spotted a sign on the rec building that said "Do not feed the ducks". I personally think they should have the sign near the lake... but thats okay. My daughter was my partner in crime and it was fun! 

Everyday Fun! Drawing!

We always have a piece of paper and some crayons on Hailey's table. She doesn't always use it, but when she feels the need to draw, it is always there! Sometimes she sees it while walking by and will do a little scribble. Sometimes I draw something like an animal or a heart and she asks me, what's that?" and we talk about it. Today she sat down while we put on her favorite songs from YouTube (we use the app on Xbox so its on our tv) and we drew together while we watched and sang along to her favorite songs! Drawing is one of my favorite everyday things to do with my little munchkin!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My First Blog Hop!

Scary Mommy Moment! - First Bee Sting

Yesterday we were at my moms house playing in her backyard. We were hanging out near the garage and all of a sudden Hailey started screaming and I didn't know what was wrong. I checked her all over and nothing was there. It was near her nap time and I thought she was just cranky because she wanted me. So I am holding her on the swing and she keeps crying and licking her top lip, upon closer inspection I see a tiny hole --- she was stung!!! Within a few minutes from the sting, her lip puffed up and when I saw puffed up, I mean it was HUGE! Well, I am having a panic attack because I never saw a sting get to swollen so fast and she has bee allergies on her dads side of the family! My mom ran and got her a freeze pop to help keep it iced and I called the doctor. My doctor has a voicemail and you leave a message and they call you back within the hour... talk about the longest 30 minutes of my life! There was nothing they could do for her but wait till the swelling went down. They said within 24 hours, but it was down before she went to bed... Thank Goodness!!! Hailey had lots of freeze pops yesterday and got to go to the toy store to pick out something fun because of her traumatic experience! My mom is full of guilt because it happened at her house, but me, well I am just relieved that she didn't have an allergy, although the doctor did say the first sting usually doesn't show any allergy symptoms, watch out for the second --- YIKES! Let's just hope there is NOT a second!

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 17 - Library Visit

Library Visit

This was not Hailey's first time at the library. Being an education major, I have spent lots of time in the library and have taken Hailey there with me. She even has her own library card already (even though the only reason she got her own was to take advantage of the $5 tickets to the Please Touch Museum... but still... she has one!)

Today's visit, however, was a little different. Today we went for no reason at all, just to read some books and have fun! We were going to try mini-golfing, but as we left the house, we noticed how dark the sky was getting. That left no outdoor options, which was our original plan. I had the great idea to visit the library.

While there we read some books and checked out the cool space ship playhouse they had set up. She kept crawling in and out of it so fast though, I couldn't get a picture! It was just one of those tent things (Hailey has a princess one here that we use to read in sometimes). Any-hoozle, we picked out some books and read a few. Her favorite was the board book about the animals. We are really into animal sounds right now, so she enjoyed that the most!

We love the library. The libraries in our area have been having trouble with funding, in fact, our city library system almost had to close some branches because of funding issues. This is a real tragedy because a lot of children depend on the library for research projects, computer use, and just a safe place to hang out. I grew up in the city of Reading, so I was particularly upset about this because, lets face it, I AM A BOOK NERD!!! The libraries in the suburban areas have been lucky enough to have their "Friends of the library" helping them raise funds to stay open 6-7 days a week.

But enough about the plight of our libraries, this blog is about the one and only Hailey! My little book nerd, just like her mommy and her mimi! We are three generations of nerdness and we are proud! (Her daddy is a different kind of nerd. Space/gamer/math nerd!) We had a great time reading some books but got caught in some crazy storm on the way home!

If I can give a little PSA, I would like to say that you should take your little ones to the library as soon as possible. Give them a love of books and reading at a young age! It is important that they learn to take care of books and enjoy that early so they can survive all the reading they will be doing all through their many years of school!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 16 - Bird feeder!

Bird Feeder

 Remember making those bird feeders out of a pine cone when you were a kid? Well, today Hailey and I made a variation of that. Since we don't have pine cones yet, I tried a toilet paper roll with peanut butter and birdseed! It worked out wonderfully!

First, I gave Hailey her spatula and opened the peanut butter. The first thing she did was stick the spatula in the jar and start eating it! I don't think she has ever seen a jar of peanut butter before to know what it was. We don't eat a lot of it here, so I don't think she would have noticed the jar. In fact, I can't remember the last time we had peanut butter in this house!

She enjoyed a few bites of that while I coated the toilet paper roll with a layer of the peanut butter. She then decided to help me and used my plastic knife to help coat the roll. I think she took more off with her fingers that she put on, but that was half the fun!

Next, we coated the peanut butter tp roll with birdseed. I poured it on a paper plate before we started to make it easier and less messy. Hailey had a great time playing in it and spreading it all over the table before helping with the feeder!

With that said, this is definitely an outside activity!

Hailey did a great job helping to make it and then she helped to hang it up on a plant hook on our fence! We hope the birdies enjoy the snack we left them!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 15- Paintbrush Painting

Paintbrush Painting

We started with painting glue on paper to make our collage and Hailey was having so much fun that we went right into painting a picture!

We used a splat of green and a splat of purple on a new piece of paper and Hailey painted away with the paintbrush! She even let me have a go at it and I wrote her name. She liked that so much that she was painting over it trying to say the letters like I did! After she finished her picture, she decided that the paint brush felt cool. She then proceeded to paint herself a beard and mustache (I called her Gustave the Painter!) and then she came over and painted a beard for me! I don't mind though, it was so harmless, messy, and super fun!

After we painted, we headed upstairs to jump right in the bath tub! It wasn't that she was too messy to get a wipe down with a wash cloth, I just figured since she was getting a bath tonight anyways, I would just do it a little early. The paint washes off so easily and the mess was a cinch to wipe up off her table, I think we will try to paint more often! I tried it once or twice when she was younger and she wasn't really into it, but even in just a couple months her interests have changed. I like to think I'm a little crafty and creative, so I hope she gets a love of this sort of thing and it stays with her! I am all about the arts and crafts! My husband tells her that is why I am such a great mommy, because I am willing to get messy with her!

Our finished work of art! 

Tot Spot: My attempt to do something new everyday with my toddler! # 14- Nature Collage

Nature Collage

About 2 days ago, Hailey and I went on a nature walk around the neighborhood to a local stream. Well today we finally had the chance to make a collage out of all the stuff we collected, plus pom poms!
I took large art paper and spread white glue all over it and gave Hailey a paintbrush to help spread the glue around! We put on our findings and added the pom poms for color! Hailey loved using the paintbrush to spread the glue around. This led to our next activity, painting, which I will write about next!
We had so much fun experimenting with the sticky, thick texture of the glue and seeing how things stuck to not just the paper, but the paintbrush as well! So much fun! I am definitely adding collage making to our list of everyday activities! It was a blast!

Our finished work of art!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to do something new everyday with my toddler! # 13: Glow dance party!

We stayed up past bedtime, turned the music up, cracked some glow sticks, and played with her light up flower wand from the circus! Awesome good time in the yard! We danced, we sang, and we laughed in the dark and it was one of those priceless moments that melt your heart!
We had some glow sticks Hail still had from a party we were at recently and she had her flower from the circus and I thought it would make a fun experience! It was a success and Hailey had a great time. It only lasted about a half hour though, because 930 is a little late for my sleepy little dancing machine!
We listened to Florence and the Machine, Elton John, and Queen and had a goofy time! I danced with her in my arms to A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. That is a special song for is. I use to sing it to her while she was in my belly and when she was a baby. We rock all generations of music in this household!

I think I'm going to pick up some more glow sticks from the dollar stood next time I go out that way. I think she would love to do this every once and awhile and it was definetly a cheap, fun, and easy way to have some fun and make some awesome memories!

Well, my sleepy little girl was just tucked in and I would love to finish this book I started (I'm all about the kindle free books!) and Danny has some school work, so I'm calling it a night!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 12- Under the Big Top! Circus!

So actually this was not Hailey's first circus. She went to one back in march and loved it. It was, however, her first circus UNDER THE BIG TOP! Mimi treated us to the circus date and Hailey LOVED it! She ate popcorn, funnel cake, and cotton candy. She came home with a blow up clown, a light up blinking flower wand, a horn, a coloring book, and a whistle (thank goodness she can't blow it yet because my ears still hurt from the million other kids blowing them at the same time in an echoy small space!!!). She is now up in her crib telling her blue puppy and pink puppy (the 2 animals she sleeps with) all about her fantastic night at the circus! Tired as can be, yet still gabbing away! Thank you again, mimi! We love you! And send me those pictures! :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tot Spot: My attempt to try something new everyday with my toddler! # 11- Make a musical instrument

Homemade guitar!
Today was a rainy day in our area. We got to spend a little time outside on the patio, but for the most part, we had to find indoor things to do! This activity I have to give her daddy credit for. He made Hailey a guitar put of her cookie sheet (we use it for her letter magnets) and some rubber bands.
We were making dinner, we made galumkis which take forever, and were jamming to some music when Danny got very excited because he had an idea. He pulled her cookie sheet from her shelf and grabbed some rubber bands and showed her how to make it. Then, he taught her how to rock out on her homemade guitar!
I must admit, my hubby is a pretty good dad and he loves to come up with new ideas for Hailey all the time. He just never wants her to get messy! If I come up with a messy activity, he wants no part of it, but in the end he helps me clean her up!
I like to think there is always something fun going on in our house, even if its something simple!

Has she forgotten her size?

Today has been interesting. Today my daughter is trying to fit in her toys. Seriously. Earlier she was trying to get into her little people zoo, the little vine swing the gorilla hangs out in, and yes, it is little people size so not even a chubby little foot would fit, then she tried climbing in her doll carriage. That ended up in a fall.  Last, but not least, she tried climbing in her little people school bus! I am not sure why she decided she could fit in these tiny places... Did she have a dream she was tiny or that these toys were life size? All I know is I have one strange BIG girl!

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