Sunday, January 6, 2013

Proud Momma! Making a Snowman!

My little one loves winter and Christmas. She spends the day wearing her Santa Hat (and making Mommy and Daddy wear theirs too!). She sings Christmas carols and talks to the Santa and Frosty blowups my neighbors have in their front yard across the street. 

I was trying to think of a snowman craft for a young toddler. I decided to cut out 3 white circles along with eyes, a carrot nose, 3 buttons, a scarf, and a santa hat. 

I used a glue stick to make the back sticky and I told Hailey what each piece was, "Okay Hailey, this is the snowmans bottom of his body....this is his middle.....this is his lets put on his eyes, one-two eyes..." The reason this is called Proud Momma is because she did a GREAT job placing the pieces with minimal help. She knew wear to place his head (above the body) and wear his eyes, scarf, nose, hat, and buttons went. 

It was a simple activity with minimal prep time and it was quick and easy to make. We hung it on our art wash line (it is actually twine strung across her playroom ceiling from wall to wall) and she looks at it everyday and talks about her snowman! 

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