Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flashback! Halloween Spiders

Making up for some lost time... I thought I would post some crafts that we made for holidays past. 


- Styrofoam bowls (1 per spider)
- Paint (We use Crayola washable paint) or Finger paint (We also use Crayola finger paints)
- Paint brush/sponge/fingers... 
- Pom Poms (eyes.. on some we used 2, others 8...)
- Pipe Cleaners (legs... we used 8)
- String to hang it

Hailey painted the bowls with the color of her choice. We made several spiders so she had some blue, some purple, some mixed. Then, when the paint was dry, she glued on the Pom Pom eyes. She does not understand the concept of a spider having more than 2 eyes, so when we told her they were going to be the eyes, she naturally put on 2. On the one that Danny made with her, he showed her to glue on about 8. Then we stuck pipe cleaners through the bowl (this is why styrofoam is the best) for legs. Then I poked a small hole and put a string through it to hang it from the ceiling! We had creepy crawly spiders hanging above her play room! 

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