Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Traumatizing Moments!

I just had to post this story! 

It was a quiet weekday morning and Hailey and I were playing in her playroom. We were playing with all sorts of things...her kitchen set, reading books, her cozy coupe, and her baby dolls. Well she was feeding her doll that a neighbor got her for Christmas and making the baby burp (and cracking up after it happened!) when the dolls head fell off! Oh My Goodness!!! Her face dropped, her eyes swelled up... she was scared, sad, and devastated all at the same time. It brought back horrible memories of Bert's nose falling off... And yes, I have to tell you that story too! 

We were watching old sesame street clips on YouTube. She was in a Bert and Ernie kind of mood so Danny found her a video with Bert sneezing. Bert sneezed and his nose fell off! Ernie was trying to put it back on but Hailey was TRAUMATIZED! This happened a couple months ago and she still talks about it! Ernie finally got his nose back on and we comforted her and showed her Bert was alright. Then we helped lighten the subject by fake sneezing and saying things like, "Where's my nose? Can you put it back on?"

Watch the Video Here: Bert Sneezes His Nose Off

Well despite Bert's happy ending, Momma could not put the baby's head back on. I told her baby would have to go to the doctor and she would get fixed. Thank goodness for my hubby hero! He fixed baby's head while Hailey sat in my lap and I told her she was visiting Doctor Daddy! 

Hailey is playing with her daddy right now and the baby doll is with them! I'm sure we will be talking about this for a loooong time! 

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