Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guess Who Is Back?!?!?

Well, student teaching is over and the craziness of the holidays have calmed down! I think I am ready to take a crack at this blogging thing again! I am playing the role of stay at home mom while substitute teaching, so I won't be posting everyday... but we are still doing as many awesome activities as we can, so I will keep it updated as much as possible! 

Hailey's birthday is coming up soon, January 17th, and she will be 2 years old! Officially a toddler! The older she gets, the more fun she is becoming! We are engaging in more pretend play with dolls and her kitchen set. She is also still into dress up! 

She still does gymnastics once a week (every Wednesday with her Mimi!) and I recently joined a mommy and me group in my area and next week we are going on our first meet up! I am pretty excited for Hailey to make some friends her age and for me to meet some moms with toddlers. My hope it to start my own play group in the near future, but I think I will wait till the weather warms up for more outdoor activities! 

Well, this is my welcome back blog and I will be catching up with some more things we did and keep doing new things and keeping you informed! I am glad to be back -- Share with your friends that I am back in the world of blogging! Keep me posted on things you are doing with your kiddos (successes and failures) too!


Nicci & Hailey 

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